KeyRecover Windows

Price: $6.99

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KeyRecover Windows

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Payment Method

We use a third party company called Paypal to handle all our transactions. Paypal will allow you to pay using your credit card or your PayPal account if you have one. We encourage you to read PayPalís Privacy Policy for more information about how PayPal collects and stores your information.

After You Pay

After you finish the checkout process you will be sent an email that contains an activation code for KeyRecover Windows. Enter this code into the trial version of KeyRecover Windows to unlock its full functionality. Click Here if you need help activating KeyRecover Windows.

Choose a License ...

Single License $6.99 - If you only need to use KeyRecover on one computer then the single license is for you. The single license comes with an activation code that is only valid for one computer.

Volume License $9.99 - If you plan on using KeyRecover on more than one computer you will need to purchase the volume license version. The volume license version comes with a special activation code that will allow you to run KeyRecover on multiple computers.