KeyChanger Windows

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KeyChanger Windows - Product key changer

KeyChanger Windows

View and Change your Windows Product Key

Simple Interface

Point and Click interface allows anyone to easily change their product key.

No Restarting or Reinstalling

No need to reinstall or restart Windows. KeyChanger Windows can change your product key in a matter of seconds.

Download KeyChanger Windows
Version 2.0 for Windows 1.67 MB

The KeyChanger Advantage

Changing a Windows product key can be difficult, time consuming, and sometimes impossible. KeyChanger Windows allows you to easily change your Microsoft Windows product/CD key, all without restarting or reinstalling Windows. KeyChanger Windows is the only affordable solution to changing your product/CD key. The only alternative to KeyChanger Windows is actually editing the encrypted Windows registry files yourself. This can be both time consuming and lead to a number of system errors if not done correctly. Save time and money with KeyChanger Window.

How it Works

Your Microsoft Windows product key is stored deep inside your computerís encrypted registry. Without the help of third party software there is no way for one to change their Windows product key through the normal Windows interface. KeyChanger Windows scans your computer's registry and then automatically decrypts the Windows product key. You will then be able to easily change your decrypted Windows product keys with a simple click of your mouse.

Reatail, OEM, and Volume License

KeyChanger Windows is capable of changing Retail, OEM, and Volume License product keys. This is perfect for business environments where software licenses are bought and changed often. KeyChanger Windows will allow you to change the Windows product key on all your computers quickly and easily, without restarting or reinstalling Windows.

Save Money

KeyChanger Windows is the only alternative to wasting money on a new copy of Windows. Even Microsoft will not help you change your product key. Purchasing a new copy of Microsoft Windows could potentially cost you hundreds of dollars. Keep money in your pocket and change your product keys with KeyChanger Windows .