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KeyChanger Office

Changing your Office Product(CD) Key FAQ

Below you will find answers to many common question customers have had about our software and how to change their Microsoft Office Product(CD) Keys.

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How will I receive the program once I pay for it?

After you finish the checkout process you will be immediately emailed an code to activate your KeyChanger software. Enter this activation code into the trial version of KeyChanger and it will be upgraded to the full version with no restrictions.

Will KeyChanger activate Microsoft Office for me?

NO. KeyChanger only allows you to change your Office Product(CD) Key to a different Product(CD) Key. You must already have a legal Product(CD) Key in your possession in order to use KeyChanger. You are in no way purchasing a Office Product(CD) Key or software that will activate Office for you.

What is a Product(CD) Key?

A product/CD key is a special code that is sent with each piece of software. You are asked to enter this code during installation and reinstallation to verify that you legally bought the software. Without this code you will not be able to install or reinstall Microsoft Office.

How long will it take to recieve my activation code?

Once you finish the checkout process you will be immediately email an activation code and instructions on how to activate your software.

Which versions of Microsoft Office are supported?

KeyChanger Office is capable of changing the product/CD key for almost any version of Microsoft Office. Please see our Specs tab to see a complete list of software supported.

Can KeyChanger change OEM and Volume License Product(CD) Keys?

Yes. KeyChanger Office is capable of changing Office Retail, OEM, and Volume License Product(CD) Keys. However, a Volume license key must be used for a volume license version of Office. The same is true for Retail and OEM. For more information about the restriction of changing your Product(CD) Key Click Here

Will KeyChanger Office run on a Mac?

KeyChanger Office will not run on Macs. KeyChanger is only capable of changing Product(CD) Keys for Windows based systems.

Is KeyChanger Office legal to use?

Yes. KeyChanger Office is completely legal to use. KeyChanger Office is in no way a Product(CD) Key generator or crack. KeyChanger will only allows you to change your Product(CD) Key to a legal Office Product(CD) Key.